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Cranberry Dark Chocolate Shards

Need a quick brain booster? Let the natural stimulants from the marriage of bittersweet dark chocolate and cranberries together with the healthy fats from almonds and sunflower seeds perk you up and keep your energy flowing. C’mon, dig in already!

Size: 40g of shards/pack

50 – 60 kcal/piece


CZ Madeleines

CZ Madeleines are simply different and unique like no other! With many flavours ranging from Strawberry, Matcha and the ever so popular Dark Chocolate madeleine, you will never get bored from the variety of choices. These pretty adorable French butter cakes are made healthier with the addition of fruit, nuts and less sweet toppings and hovers around 100 kcal/pc only.

6 Madeleines/box


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