SUITABLE AS A CHRISTMAS Gift Box! (or haha for yourself)

ZERO SUGAR Blackout Brownie Lover

Do you love chocolate as much as we do? Then you’ll fall right in love with the Blackout Brownie endorsed by our nutritionists. We make these gems with extra black cocoa, 72-percent dark chocolate. Try the ultimate calorie reduced ZERO SUGAR BLACKOUT BROWNIES with no sugar.

4 flavours to start an indulgent afternoon tea treat. A box comes with the signature Sea Salt Blackout Dark Chocolate Brownies and three other delicious flavours.

Any assortment of 4 In each box:
1 Signature Sea Salt Blackout Brownie
1 Peanut Butter Blackout Brownie
1 Walnut Blackout Brownie
1 Nutty Blackout Brownie

Comes with a Christmas card. And you can write a personalised message. (short message of 5 words).



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