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CZ BOX OF HAPPINESS FOR ANY OCCASION! Send some cheer to your friends and family with a personalised message from you! Chasing Cloud 9 box comes with CZ energy balls. You’ll find favourite classic flavours like peanut-butter, cashew nuts, cranberries and sesame seeds.

2-inches Energy Balls in this box:

  • 4 different flavours with chocolate peanut-butter base
  • 2 x Cashew nut krispies chocolate peanut butter balls
  • 2 x Mixed Fruits krispies chocolate peanut butter balls
  • 2 x Cranberries krispies chocolate peanut butter balls
  • 2 x Sesame seed and almond krispies with chocolate peanut butter balls

No of energy balls: 6/pack

Price: $19 for 2 boxes
148 kcal/ball

At 3g protein per ball, this makes the perfect snack when you’re feeling peckish mid-afternoon. Coated with a selection of nuts, seeds or fruits, this delivers a dose of heart-healthy fats and natural sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings without feeling guilty.
Store to 3 weeks if refrigerated.


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