ZERO SUGAR Pack of 200g

100% sugar free Monk Fruit Sweetener

Zero Glycemic Index, Zero Calories

We turn to nature’s most elegantly simple sweetener – the humble monk fruit – native to the mountains of Guilin in Guangxi, southern China.

Cooks, Bakes and Taste Just Like Sugar
1 cup of Monk Fruit Sweetener = 1 cup of Sugar

• Zero after Taste
• Very low glycemic response
• Low net carbs
• Low calories
• NO additives
• NO sugar
• Gluten free
• Vegan

Directions: Add sweetener as you would in sugar for your baking and culinary needs.
Storage Guidance: Store in a cool and dry place after opening.


What is AMGD monk fruit supported by Blyss?

AMGD monkfruit sweetener is made to match the versatility of white sugar in terms of appearance and taste, but yet without significant glycemic response and carbohydrates at all. It has no negative side effects unlike artificial sugars, and taste really light and delicious. The monkfruit itself is nature’s miracle – it is an ancient herb that is naturally 150 to 200 times sweeter than cane sugar. They have long been the herb of choice by the Chinese to sweeten foods, to bring down body heat, treat flu and indigestion. The all natural fruit extract is derived from the fruit pulp, and contains zero carbohydrates and calories. It’s sweetness comes from the amazing compound in the fruit called mograsides. The interesting characteristic of mogracides is that they do not get absorbed by the body in the upper intestinal tract but only in the large intestine where they nourish gut microbes. This means that the sugars in the mogrosides do not contribute to any calories or carbs to our diet – and hence have zero or negligible insulin impact


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