Something like Love


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1 x Coconut Marble Chocolate Shards

If you love dark chocolate so matcha, give this treat bursting with antioxidants a try! Made with zero sugar and only naturally-derived ingredients of dried figs, macadamias, flaxseed, sesame seeds and grated coconut, every bite delivers the perfect balance of a sweet and savoury crunch.

Size: 40g of shards/pack

50 – 60 kcal/piece


1 Tub of 7 BIG Beautiful Blond Cookies

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in our eyes, you have well earned this one. These secretly healthy cookies are truly worth the calories.. Made with oats, macadamia and only iLite and brown sugar, each cookie is 195 kcal.

No of cookies: 7 cookies/tub

195 kcal/cookie


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