The Many Flavours of Malay Cooking Autographed



Entrepreneur and media personality Rita Zahara follows up her bestselling Malay Heritage Cooking with another exciting treasury of dishes deeply rooted in Malay culture and history.

In this book, Rita assembles a stunning collection of authentic dishes that hail from various Malay ethnic groups. She presents the richness and diversity of Nusantara cuisine with recipes from her family and notable contributors that include highly regarded chefs and established restaurants. Recipes include sumptuous staples and traditional favourites such as ayam penyet (grilled chicken rice), opor daging (beef in coconut sauce) and sambal udang (spicy prawns) as well as crowd-pleasing snacks and delicacies including kuih bingka suji (baked tapioca cake), puteri seri muka (glutinous rice with pandan jam) and pulut serunding (grilled rice cakes with grated coconut).

Written with clear and easy-to-follow instructions, the recipes have been rigorously kitchen-tested and will inspire home cooks to incorporate the winning combination of herbs and spices so closely associated with Malay cuisine into their cooking repertoire.


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