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1 x Apricot Dark Chocolate Shards

Feel good and savour each bite of bittersweet chocolate and its accompanying wholesome ingredients such as apricots, almonds and sunflower seeds all while knowing that you’re getting a dose of healthy fats and fibre for a healthy heart and healthy gut. Surely, one piece is not enough!

Size: 40g of shards/pack

50 – 60 kcal/piece


1 Tub of 7 BIG Red Velvet Cookies

Mmm… We know our beloved customers simply adore our Bittersweet Dream cookies. That is why we have created a Red Velvet version. Treat yourself to a cookie that won’t break your calorie or sugar limit for the day – at only 108 kcal per BIG cookie, your tastebuds and waistline will thank you for it!

No of cookies: 7 cookies/tub

108 kcal/cookie


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